Mini review OnePlus 3

OnePlus has been a unique company in many ways. It was among the first to decide that its single mission would be to offer a smartphone that can take on the flagship devices, but at much lower price points. it has been very successful in this endeavour with the OnePlus One, maybe a bit less so with the OnePlus 2. Now, it’s time for its third marquee device, the OnePlus 3. OnePlus devices have always been about style. In fact, I had a OnePlus One with the Sandstone body since it came out . The OnePlus 3 is sure stylish. In fact, it can easily pass off as an HTC or Samsung flagships. But that is not essentially bad. The metallic body of the phone offers sort of assurance a plastic body never can. It is also much thinner One Plus One. If you are the sort who likes to flaunt a phone, then the OnePlus 3 could be a really good option. It is stylish, but without being flashy. It is metallic, but without being blingy. This is a phone that understands the value of being subtle. And despite the resemblance to some other devices, it is also unique in more ways than one. That camera module, the notifications toggle, or just the curved edges… there is a lot you will love about this phone. Flagships these days all have huge resolutions such as 2k . But do you really need it as a user? No, at least not yet. And that is why the Full HD (480 dpi) display of the OnePlus 3 will keep you more than happy.

Thinks I really like

Camera OnePlus has always excelled with its cameras, and the third edition takes it to a whole new level. The kind of detail available on this phone is incredible and puts it right there next to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or the LG G5. But given that this phone will cost half of its competitors, I am inclined to say this is the best Android camera around. DASH Charging I am always on-to-go and what is more annoying than a empty phone? Fear not OnePlus introduced DASH charging on the the OnePlus 3 a awesome technology that can charge the OnePlus 3 battery to 60% in 30 short minutes! More information here Battery life With my usage I can get 2 – 3 days of battery with the OnePlus 3! This is absolutely epic.

Things I don’t like

DASH Charging It only works with the charger thats comes with the OnePlus 3, I find this a bit annoying because I cant use a other charger when I want to use the DASH option when i’m in a hurry.


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